Privacy Policy appreciates that just about everyone is careful to maintain their privacy. To that end, has established the following policies:

Protection of your personal information

Each user has an ID and password that must be entered when logging in to The information that a person can access is limited by their role in the pack or troop:

  • Parents can only see the information about their scouts.
  • Den leaders & assistant scoutmasters can only see information about their den/patrol (which includes the scouts in their den/patrol).
  • Pack/Troop Leaders can see all the dens/patrols but they can not see individual scout achievements.
  • Advancements coordinators can see individual scout achievements that have been completed.
  • Boy Scouts can only see their own information.

In addition, uses secure site technology:

Usage of your personal information

Your name (or your Scout's name) and email address will not be given/sold to any other company/person without your permission.

When you send email to other users via, your email address will be given to the recipients in the From field of your email message.

Use of "cookies" in

No — we're not talking about those delicious Girl Scout Cookies! "Cookies" are pieces of information stored on your computer (within your browser) by a web server. When your browser communicates with the web server, the cookie is sent. uses two of these cookies:

  1. When you log into, you can indicate that you want your user ID and password saved. If so, will store within your browser a cookie containing your ID, password and a flag indicating if your browser appears to support Javascript (used for some error notifications). This cookie is only sent back to the server.
  2. A second cookie is used to hold your current login session. This cookie is only sent back to the server.

Logfile information logs requests made to the server in order to assist technical support when investigating problems. This information is only accessible by technical support personnel.